Brands and their dirt

22 Jul

Irritating right? Our environment is getting highly toxic.  Companies keep flooding the market, our homes, our stores, offices, our skin,intestines, brain, eyes, within and around us with their products. 99.9% of these products are unsustainable(not eco-friendly).

Count the sachets of nylon bags I found at this dump-site in  Jabi, Abuja,Nigeria. It would take about 20-1000 years for a single one to decompose.Disposable Diapers- 500-600 years,Sanitary Pads= 500-800 years, Plastic Soda Bottles- Forever. Yes, it is the truth. I know these
products make life easier, but they they hurt us more than we enjoy them. The whole eco-system has been turned upside down by our abuse of nature.

It would not be easy to stop our use of these items. I am also struggling to be a faithful environmentalist. Lets face it, e no easy at allllll. But I do the basics. I reduce my use of products that would take years to degrade. I recycle my items, I re-use items. I do not trash items I know someone else would need. I find the person and give it out.We should be more creative and find ways to use them till they degrade. Might have become easier for you if you leave outside Nigeria. But if you are here, we know the truth. “Naija neva even buy beans” when it comes to the green lifestyle and monitoring brands and their trash.

I really hope these companies would do the basics too. Forget the huge profit and focus on sustaining our planet,  saving our resources for our children and loving mother nature. Realize that it is not just  about selling their brands, but monitoring how the brands are trashed.

We can all do our part. Next time, we would suggest alternatives to some of our daily items. E.g Good old napkin versus Disposable diapers, Plastic bag versus paper bag, Sanitary pads versus sanitary towels versus mooncup(don’t cringe yet). and lots more. We should tell the brands what we want and how we want it packaged. While you go about your normal duty, look around you, see the waste and scream……”Brands and their dirtttttttt”


One Response to “Brands and their dirt”

  1. ugo harris July 24, 2011 at 10:42 am #

    This is not the nigeria of our dreams…dirt is bad….environmental authorities old take note

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