Shopping Bags from Favourite T-shirts

23 Sep

Don’t know what to do with that old favorite  t-shirt in your wardrobe? Here is a simple way to make it more useful (since you do not want to give it away yet). It is beautiful, colorful(depending on what you have) and relatively easy to make. Would help you reduce waste and the use of plastic bags.

Take an old T-shirt and turn it inside out. Draw a bag shape you like. (You can make it as small or large as you want.)


Cut through both layers so you have two identical pieces. You can leave the shirt’s hem intact or snip it off.


Stitch the two pieces together all the way around, leaving the bag’s opening untouched.


To prevent fraying, either serge or apply a narrow zigzag stitch to the edge.


Use a ruler and ballpoint pen to draw dashes across the fabric. Important: Leave room four inches from the top for your handle


Using scissors or a rotary cutter, snip along the lines, making sure to stagger your cuts. Cut a longer slit two inches from the top—this will be your handle—and shape the sides if you wish.


Then streeeeeetch the bag.


That’s it! If you wash and dry your bag, the slits curl up a bit and it looks even better. You can use them for shopping for produce at Wuse market, Mushin or Ariaria market.

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Culled from Ecouterre, created by Delia Randall of Delia Creates 


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