Oooopsss………..Shell spilled it again!!!!!

13 Nov

Our oil our pain

Vulnerable women

Shell Petroleum Development Company SPDC , on Saturday November 12, 2011 reported a fresh spill from a key delivery pipeline in Adibawa delivery line southern Nigeria.

A  statement by Shell’s Nigerian joint venture says  it’s spill containment team was dispatched to the site as soon as the report was received and the personnel succeeded in containing the leak.
Shell, which announced a production cut from the same facility last week, said it was investigating the incident to determine the cause and impact.
The delivery line is part of the Okordia-Rumuekpe line, which SPDC shut down following a leak on November 8 and subsequent fire incident. Last week’s incident was blamed on sabotage.
According to SPDC, a  joint investigation visit found that the spill was caused by hacksaw cuts, which isn’t the first hacksaw cut on the Adibawa delivery line this year.
However, the Environmental Rights Action (ERA)/Friends of the Earth Nigeria (FoEN), which visited the site has ruled out sabotage as cause of the spill. ERA/FoEN blamed the spill on equipment failure.

 This new spill would be worsening the plight of host communities who have over the years  had their environment, livelihood and health destroyed  by activities of  RICH oil companies.

Young ones at risk. What a life!!!!

Here's what's left.

Did I plant oil or what?

When men become helpless

We ask that the Nigerian government seriously takes this up, an immediate clean-up be carried out and compensation calculated and dully paid to affected local people.


One Response to “Oooopsss………..Shell spilled it again!!!!!”

  1. Marcus Gruber November 16, 2011 at 8:14 pm #

    I hope that things like this won´t happen in 40 years….I´m curious if somebody will be able stop things like this

    And: Great blog ;D !

    Marcus from Germany

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