Ugochi: Sister of the Earth

2 Dec

I woke up this morning to see that my interview with has been published. I feel blessed and I wanna share on my blog too.  Enjoy!!!

I finally got to the top of Aso hill. Panting and wheezing all the way for about 30 minutes, I always thought I had good stamina but that rock just took the wind out of me. I used to run up this same landmark like a mountain goat…oh well, I guess the years are just adding up…finally feeling my age…so not a good sign. As I let the breeze do its job by cooling me off, I look over the city as it lay before me. From this height, not much has changed…well, with a harmattan haze over it, it actually looked romantic in a funny way. It brought back memories of my NYSC days when I was working here. It was here I met my interviewee. Sweet, fun, always had a smile on her face for everyone. Not that we were close or anything deep but I have always had a deep respect for her. And what more can I do if not, you guess right, throw her in my sweet blog here. Cool huh?

Well, I finally walk into the studio where my interviewee is tearing the mic away. She is good, serenading the audience from the top of the hill and finally saw me through the glass windows. She waved me in and with a smile of her face, put me in front of an open mic.

“I haven’t done this in a long time” I said, staring at the mic like it was the biggest bug I saw.

I know, she said, “I just want to see you sweat a bit, that’s all.” That evil smile. How come everyone I interview has an evil smile?!?! Sooo not fair.

Oh well, so I fumbled and sweated that hour out on air and finally, we got to the one hour long only music segment. It was tough but brought good memories of when I did the radio thing. And finally, I got the chance to get Ugochi’s attention and so I start.

Well, first off, tell us about yourself?  ……… below to read more!!


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