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7Billion People…..and still wasting.

30 Jul


I was at a wedding over the weekend, and it was really fun. We are having so much fun in our spaces that we forget many can’t find food let alone funds for a party. We also  forget that the number of people on this planet has hit 7Billion and still counting. With this number, lots and lots of people have not yet found it necessary to reduce how much  they waste food, water, energy etc. After the wedding, I took these photos of so much food left on the tables to be trashed.

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I don’t understand how someone consciously takes so much more than s/he can consume. Is it a status thing (you are rich when you don’t empty your plate), sheer  greed or outright foolishness?

Remember that earth is really big , but not that big to accommodate our wastage. So much pressure on earths’ resources is already biting  back at us.

Nigeria’s National Response to Climatic Threat

17 Jul

Written by Hamzat Lawal, a young Information Technology Analyst, Advocate for change and an activist who is passionate about Youth, Climate Change and Sustainable Development.

Over the last Four years, I’ve poured my energy into helping design and enact Africa’s first national climate change legislation for my country, Nigeria. While this enormously important task isn’t yet complete, I wanted to share how things have gone so far and where we need go from here and need for young people around the world to take actions most especially in Africa to tackle our climatic threats.

Nigeria’s development is climate constrained. From rapidly expanding desert in the North to recurrent floods, erosion and ocean surge in the South, climatic change represents a clear and present danger to Nigeria’s national interest.

There has been a fundamental shift in weather patterns all over the world, most especially in my country. Rivers are drying up; erosion is causing an ecological emergency in the south-east; and the vast vestment along Victorial Island and Lekki Peninsula are under threat from rising sea levels.

Nigeria requires powerful coalitions to promote the development of policy instruments, enforcement and implementation of climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies in order to stimulate change at individual, social, policy and corporate level – with the view to better position Nigeria in the international climate change arena.

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Lagos and the Challenges of Urban Farming

6 Jul

By Tina Armstrong-Ogbonna

Mrs. Bolatito Oyinloye is a farmer of over 20 years in Ijanikin area of Lagos is often confronted with this question. “How can you tell me you are a farmer in Lagos? I don’t think so because Lagos is a commercial centre. The food we eat here is produced in the North and other states,” she was usually asked. These sentiments are what many small-scale farmers in Nigeria’s economic capital city are confronted with.

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Rio+20 and the Role of Nigerian Women in Sustainable Development

2 Jul

By Jill Sheffield, Danielle Nierenberg, Daily Times NG

This week, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development drew global leaders to Rio de Janeiro to discuss how to ‘green’ the economy and reduce poverty around the world. The aim is to develop global goals to meet Nigeria’s and our world’s current needs—for food, health, energy, housing and other necessities—while also preserving the environment.

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