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Fashion Thinks Water

7 Sep

Most businesses are beginning to think not just about profit, but also about the environment and sustainability.
Swedish fashion retail companies Indiska, KappAhl and Lindex have announced that they are expanding their cooperation with the Stockholm International Water institute (SIWI) during 2014 to improve sustainable water management practices at their supplying production houses in India.
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World Water Week 2013

6 Sep


    With the world’s population and economies growing fast while the amount of available water remains the same, collaboration over our most essential resource is more urgent than ever. The irony is that a lot of people, and lots of those around me do not believe this, therefore do not care about this piece of information. As a matter of fact, some have told me categorically that I am over rating the issues, and questioning if God who kept the water many ears before I was born did not plan for the future generation. My final statement usually is that saving will not cost us our left eye, so just save just incase science is right. Water management is the reason World Water Week holds yearly.
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