First Outdoor Solar-Powered Computer Hub Launches in Nigeria

25 Mar


‘Project Hello World’, is an initiative that provides
Internet access and digital education to underprivileged African communities.
The first of the outdoor solar-powered computer stations, called ‘Hello World
Hubs’, has been installed in Nigeria and is expected to reach over 2,000 children
and adults in Suleja, Niger State. Having never interacted with the Internet before, the children of Suleja have
quickly adapted to the new technology and can regularly be found playing the
Hub’s pre-programed math and science games — often sharing a screen
between 14 or more children.

Click link for video.

With over 134 million children in Sub-Saharan Africa having never attended
school, Project Hello World is taking an innovative and efficient approach to
combating access to education and technology. By partnering with the
communities and educating adults in the installation and maintenance of the
hubs, Project Hello World utilizes an equal exchange of skills to make a joint
investment, ultimately enabling the community to take ownership of the stations.
“Our aim is to empower at both the individual and community level,” said
Founder & CEO of Projects For All, Katrin Macmillan. “The hubs link children with
e-mentors in London via Skype, provide teachers with digital support, and create
sustainable programs that arm adults with new skill sets and enable community
“To help a women’s group in Suleja understand just how powerful a tool the
Internet can be, we asked them to submit questions and receive answers from
the Internet. The women asked questions from how to quit smoking to finding
online lesson plans,” explains Macmillan.!“The range of their questions and
emotional responses to the answers they received underscore the importance of
providing connectivity and digital education.”!
The initiative, which aims to reach more than 2 million people within the next 5
years, will continue to expand across Africa.

Visit Hello Wolrd  sites below.



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