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PHCN…… Stop the noise and the carbon.

13 Oct

Nawa o.

I couldn’t sleep well last night, therefore I put finger on keyboard to write this piece.

Power supply  in Abuja has been such bad news. It started with electricity going off  for a few hours on Monday, Oct 10 2011 then gradually going  for a whole day and more. I thought it could just be peculiar to my area which was very unusual (I am favoured to have found an APARTMENT  in an area specially loved by PHCN. Guess they realized that Ugochi has moved in. No vex, no beef me. Receive this same miracle …….AMENNNNNN). Anyway  we soon got to realize that it  was not just us, it was a total ‘’BLACK-OUT’’  in the entire nation. The Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN)  shut down five power stations in the country because  Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) shut down five gas stations for maintenance to help improve gas supply to the power plants. With the shutdown, Nigeria will be losing about 1,400 megawatts of electricity. And so since monday, tons of carbon have been realized into the Nigerian atmosphere. To worsen the situation, RIM seized the Blackberry network , right after Airtel users recovered from a network shutdown caused by a protest over the undue sacking of about 3000 of Airtel staff. With all these many issues, ICT had a down time, thereby adding fuel to fire.

I usually sleep and sleep well, and not even a sucker mosquito with metal “piercing and sucking” equipment is able to stop my sleep till I am ready to wake up. This night, was different. The noise generated by the ‘’very many’’ generators in and around my vicinity is able to alter ones sense of hearing. OMG!!!!!!!

Half of my neighbours have been running their generators the past 24hours, not even the darkness of night nor the sweetness of sleep would stop them talk less of ‘’eco-friendliness’’. A large amount of the air we are going to inhale this night and in the days to come would contain some amount of carbon monoxide. Carbon inhalation for the generator user and a non-user like me. Yes I do not use one. Not because my salary no reach, I just don’t like the noise and I ‘’HATE’’ the fume. The last one I had was just powered for a few hours, stayed out redundant for months till I gave it out  and remember I stated earlier that my area has generous supply of power so you would not quite miss not having a power generating set.

The power sector of Nigeria has been a huge failure and over the years, the people are beginning  to give up on ever having constant power supply. We have heard different sweet promises by politicians. We have also seen probes of individuals involved in looting of funds, billions of dollars  meant to bring Nigeria power. Nothing is ever heard after the initial ‘’gragra’’ (so much noise about the issue). We are still believing and hoping that President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan delivers on his promise in the area of power provision.

So for millions of Nigerians, especially those who never see electricity beyond 2hrs or less daily, monthly or yearly, this ‘’BLACK-OUT’’ season, the inhalation of toxin has increased. Businesses will be halted, running cost would increase, children would breathe in the fumes emitted, and globally, extra pressure (no matter how small) would be added to earth’s climate. It’s a cycle. This extra pressure will further alter the climate and a rural farmer would cry when the extreme sun dries up her crop, when his cattle finds no grazing area or the excess rain washes her crop and investment away. For we, city dwellers, we would pay some extra naira to put food on our table, And for the super rich who doesn’t mind an extra bucks, you and your entire household would pay by joining the poor/everyone to inhale this air that we are polluting.

For the Politian and contractor who stole the funds for solving this energy crises, u-follow-join. Whether you live in Nigeria or not, the climate we are changing is the same. And the companies manufacturing and shipping to Nigeria, you would experience earth’s anger as well.

I would try and go back to sleep. I do not have the power to stop the deafening  sound from these generators, nor the power to stop  the carbon from finding its way into my room once in a while (because I need air, the windows have to stay open) but I have realized that I have the power to ensure my children have a better environment. The power to secure their future, their health, their share of earth’s resources (until Christ comes for the saints. Yes I am a Christian) and save their own children too. I can do this by sticking to living an eco-friendly life style. It’s not always as easily done as preached, but step by step, day by day, I would ensure that every one of my action is fair to the environment. I would strive to reduce my carbon footprint by ECO-ly thinking through my every action. But for my power to work, I need to work with you. I need you to do your part. Please consider our dear mother nature.Local individual actions would bring about a global result.

By Franke James

I will try to get back to sleep………Awwwwwww!!!!!!! Low batteryyyyyyyyyyyy……….


I have asked about 5 colleagues what they thought about the blackout and guess what, they asked me “When”? They amazingly did not notice. They have gotten so used to NEPA  Never Expect Power Always(old name). PHCN Power Holding Company of Nigeria (new name). We hope this maintenance really improves our electricity. Stop holding the  power. The name change did not work biko !!!!!!

Where is my Tomato Jos?

25 Jul

“My tomato Jos eh,I just dey think about you, Omalicha nwa ……..” We grew up hearing the phrase “TOMATO JOS”   in music, movies, jokes etc. It is commonly used by Igbo men to describe  a very beautiful and attractive young woman. If a young lady hasn’t been called the lovey-dovey name “Tomato Jos”, by an “OMATA” or “Working class dude”, I would be surprised.

Nigeria is a big country with different zones known for some particular natural resources. From Oil, to coal, timber, iron, cocoa, groundnut, palm-oil etc. Jos, Plateau State was known for it’s food production. But most popular is the fresh Tomatoes, usually red, large, nutritious, flawless, very beautiful and affordable. It used to look like this.




















Lately, I might not find it funny being described as Tomato Jos, if you mean I look like this.

Our Tomato Jos is no more what it used to be. If you have been to the market lately, you would realize this fact. You find unattractive bowls of tomatoes staring at you. Try pricing them and you would be in for a shocker. It doesn’t mean you wouldn’t find our precious Tomato Jos, but can you afford it?

I was in Jos a few months back. I met some small scale farmers and heard their stories. They told me how their climate has changed, how much their harvest has been affected by the change in weather patterns and how they cannot feed their families. The drop in harvest is enormous. I remember a  particular farmer, who told me he wasn’t farming this season. Reason being his land is very dry, it had not rained and he cannot afford a power generating set to pump water to his farm. So now, he helps builders carry blocks and cement (Labourer) to get paid. He uses the meager wage to buy food for his family (don’t mention school yet).

We all know it, we feel it, we hear it. Our climate has changed and everything is affected. Our livelihood is threatened. Our entire planet is threatened. Biodiversity, food, water, air,all of what nature has given us freely is under threat.

It might not be Tomate Jos, but be truthful, there is a food produce that you have noticed isn’t how it used to be. Shrinking in size, increasing in cost, becoming less tasty and nutritious, just not how you used to know it. Think about it.

Lets leave some Tomato Jos for our children to eat and describe.  Don’t you want a cute guy to call your pretty daughter “Tomato Jos”? I sure do!!!

Be good to the environment.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.