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Through their Eyes

11 Nov

Slowly making my way

Photographs are used in many different capacities and can carry very powerful messages. They also keep alive the memories of yesterday.

A few months ago, I was invited to a photo exhibition titled ”Through their Eyes”.  This was a different kind of exhibition. The beautiful pictures showcased were taken by 7 children between the ages of 6-11 .

Brightly fading

Sun's dew

Each citizen in any particular community has an important role in using their voice to better their community and children are often silent observers. When given a voice, they contribute an invaluable and influential perspective in affecting society and promising a future.

With photography as their voice, the seven “Through Their Eyes” participants give us a glimpse into the society that surrounds them, the beauty that catches their eye, the hopes they hold, the pains they share. Photos of the planet they have met, the nature they desire to preserve and the changes they want to make.

Tortoise trying to hide

Each participant honed in on leadership and observation skills as they practised the following photographic elements: exploring points of interest, filling the frame, experimenting with perspective, using natural light, and the rule of thirds.

 The most applied participant of the project, the best picture of each category the kids were taught, and the best overall picture, among others took home awards.

Things could be better

Relaxing in style

“I thought photography was just pushing a button, now i see it’s hard work”…….. Amira Ribbens- Age 9
“I wanted to quit because at first it wasnt fun, but i’m glad i didnt because i learnt so much, and it was fun after all”…….Ezugo- age 7
 The exhibitors were
1. Kevin- Male
2. Oluchi- Female
3. Ezugo- Male
4. Ekene- Female
5. Anuli- Female
6. Nathan- Male
7. Amira- Female
 A native American proverb says ….. ”We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”.
With the careless manner we exploit nature and its resources, I really hope that in 10-30years to come, these children can make more pictures. Will the snail and tortoise go extinct because of our hostility to mother nature? Will they have more photos of garbage than the beauty of nature and their environment? I can’t help but wonder.
Through Their Eyes: photography workshop and exhibition project was created by Lydia Idakula Sobogun of Gbagyichild Entertainment, Sheila Dykstra and Megan Ribbens of CRWM.