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HOME School #03 – Announcing New Dates

24 Apr


The Home of Mother Earth Foundation HOMEF team announces with pleasure confirmed dates for the HOME School #03. The new dates for the meeting are 20th to 24th May, 2014. The instigator for this round or courses will be Kenyan born author and activist, Firoze Manji. Following established traditions, HOME School #03 will take place in three locations as follows;


Abuja – Tuesday 20th May 2014


Bori, Ogoni – Thursday 22nd May 2014


Makoko, Lagos – Saturday 24th May 2014

The Sustainability Academy provides the fundamental vehicle for the attainment of the change HOMEF seeks to build. The academy provides spaces for knowledge creation and sharing. Through this we work to eliminate ignorance and build self-reliance and confidence in the wisdom that has preserved and improved our environment over the millennia. The academy is not a physical structure, but rather fluid spaces for participatory learning.

Through the academy HOMEF connects peoples and shares knowledge and ideas of what has worked or is working or would work. The space is vital for analyses and sharing of why and how communities are trained to acquiesce to exploitation, oppression and humiliation. The academy also helps to expose tokenistic actions to dull resistance and breed debilitating dependence. The Sustainability Academy is also a space for contest of ideas. The Sustainability Academy (HOME School) provides the space for our work on Fossil Fuels and Hunger Politics.

– See more at: http://www.homef.org


Further details will be communicated shortly.