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Oil Spill From Total Platform Approaching Akwa Ibom Coast

26 Jan

Peasant fishermen operating in the eastern Obollo flank of the Atlantic have reporting an oil slick believed to be from Total Exploration and Production, the Nigerian subsidiary of the French energy firm, Total Elf.

 The spill, said to be an operational accident  occurred at Odudu Platform owned by Total off the Atlantic coast in eastern Obollo, Akwa Ibom state, and is being concealed from the management of the oil company by the crew.

It follows on the heels of last month’s major destructive spill from Shell’s Bonga deep sea oil field which polluted the Atlantic and threw thousands of local fishermen out of work without assistance from the government. A government which favors oil profits for sustenance. Oil field workers said that large volumes of oil frequently leak into the ocean, damaging marine life unbeknownst to the ill-equipped regulators. Continue reading