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These Banks and their annoying plenty papers

30 Sep

I have often been appalled at the amount of paper I use when I go to the bank. I get to  fill this form, and that form……. ”phew” . The one that really gets me wondering ”what do they do need all these papers for”, is that deposit slip. 3 pieces of papers, usually White, Pink ,Yellow,  Blue (depending on the bank). You get to the deposit counter, fill them out, make the deposit, drop a pink copy, the teller officer takes the white and you get to keep the blue. Next you fill the big deposit register.

Can a bank staff please explain what these papers are used for and justify why they are absolutely necessary. For me, I just hate that I would litter my hand bag with papers,  hate that I would trash them after a few days when I am sure my transaction has been concluded, most of all, I hate that more trees are chopped down for those papers and these banks are not passionately ensuring they are replaced.

The bulk counting room is even more irritating. The cashiers easily and without an eco-care whatsoever rip apart the money wrappers from other banks. Isn’t there a way they can save them and each bank goes round to pick from the different banks and re-use their wrappers? They go round to pick ATM cards stuck in the machines of other banks. They could use the same time, resource and energy to pick their wrappers.

Lately I have secretly been checking out how much banks try to reduce their use of paper. Oceanic Bank removed one slip from their deposit slip. I was proud of them till I concluded  my deposit, and discovered that 2 more  papers got printed out, one for me, the other for the Bank. That meant I had 2 slips to take home. ”WHATTTTTTT”.

I went to another bank, UBA, and it was the same story. I was forced to ask the staff, ”Please are you reducing the papers or increasing them?”. I got the most ”ECO-FRIENDLY” reply. ”Yes, we are trying to reduce our use of papers, especially the deposit slips. We plan to gradually, phase out the old slip”. Are you kidding me? Who reduces by using more?  Is that the definition of minimalism? Never heard that philosophy in my life. It’s only our government that tells us they are reducing spending by increasing salaries of lawmakers. I made several deposits and therefore took a ton of paper home.

I think it’s time the banks made their business more eco-friendly. Make banking more electronic. That way we would reduce waste. If you appreciate your customers, you would ensure you sustain their living environment.

How much paper does your bank use? Report them!!!!!!!!!!!!!